NYC Development Team [CLOSED]


A development team has been hired.


Will you be paying with robux or usd/PayPal?

How many people are you looking to hire? Is there a max amount?

How big do you want the map? Do you literally want the whole of New York City recreated?


We will be considering all payment options.

No max amount as long as it doesn’t increase cost.

Not the entire city remade, that would be really laggy. We want to just include the most important aspects of NYC and grasp the basic concept of the city, but we also need to include a building for each of our agencies or at least a building for each department, so it wouldn’t be an exact copy. The size of it should be similar to that of other city group games such as Mayflower ( or the United Kingdom (


I think this info needs to be in the main post.

also what do you mean by “as long as it doesn’t increase cost”


I mean that as long as the developers, regardless of the number of them, are willing to split the same amount of money among themselves then I have no preference on how many developers work on the project. I guess it would be ideal to have as few as possible so that fewer people have a copy of the game, but i’m basically indifferent to the number of developers on the project.


I can offer free assistance for some assets like HQ buildings or vehicles.


Is there still a need for a Programmer?


Thank you everyone for showing interest, but we have now found our development team.

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