Oath Of Silence [TAE]

The Oath Of Silence

The Oath of Silence is an on-duty commitment to the Empire. In this post, everything will be explained on the OoS.

Oath of Silence:

  1. Members under OoS are not allowed to speak.
  2. Oath Of Silence cannot be overridden by anyone unless they are ranked Cheif in Command +
  3. Divisional Oath Of Silence cannot be broken by non-divisional Ranked members
  4. Oath Of Silence applies to an Off Duty (this is only to be broken by Cheif In Command +

Oath of Silence in The Aqua Guards:

  1. Not allowed to speak under OoS.
  2. The OoS can only be overridden by Guard Commander.
  3. The Emperor has the right to change the OoS rules at any time.
  4. Oath of silence cannot be broken under ANY circumstances.

OoS Commitment speech

I, Username here, commit to my empire, commit to my lord the Emperor, that I shall stay silent, until commanded to, I will be a loyal OoS partaker, and I understand I have the rights to disagree with the OoS, but could face heavy divisional punishments. I Promise, I will follow all regulations under command.