Obby Mania! Reopening! | Past Updates!

Obby Mania! reopening! This Post Is Going To Cover ALL Past Updates And Features Of Obby Mania!

Play Obby Mania! Here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4913661380/REOPEN-Obby-Mania-BETA

Note: When I reference “next update”, it does not mean the update coming tonight/today, depending where you live!


There are currently 3 types of obbys!

Simple/Short, Troll and Tower Obbys!

Each obby type has 4 different difficulties, easy, medium, hard and impossible!
Every obby type has the 4 difficulties.Except the tower obby, it only is easy, for now

Each obby gives a certain amount of coins based on the difficulty. You better collect as much coins as possible before the next update! :wink:


There is a nuke! Which is 300 robux! Once purchased, it makes a nuke effect, and then kills everyone! BOOM!

We even have a feedback section! You can report players that are hacking (you need to link evidence), you can use it to report bugs, or give us update suggestions!


Yes, the UI is not looking good. Don’t worry, next update should hopefully bring redesigned menus!

Final Notes

There will be 2-3 parts for the next update (meaning it will be split into 2 or 3 updates)

The game is coming out of beta next update!!!

HUGE thanks to @RealJefff2000 for helping fix the camera!

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