Obj and B-rep (CSG) Lego Universe Serritorizers

My favorite weapons of Lego Universe. :swag:

I imported the obj file using a converted modulescript to a plugin found here. I love it a lot more than the modulescript honestly because it can be faster than play solo loading and still be stable.

That’s really impressive! I mean… I guess you didn’t build them, but I still like it :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know about that modulescript either. Could be useful, so thanks!


Does it go straight from obj to csg, or did you CSG it together bu hand?

Lots of hand building it using the scale of the obj.
Weeve did say something about a Obj to CSG if he got more info… not sure how that is going…

YUS! My favorite weapon too, saddly the day I got that my subscription went out and I didn’t renew it before LU went off line :frowning:

[size=6]: ([/size]

I was paradox, and the wormholer was my weapon of choice. Great for stealing dragons… Shhhh lol.