Object Oriented Jetpack

Object Oriented Jetpack
Hello fellow Developers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here so I thought I would share what I’ve made and hope to inspire others! I programmed a jetpack using the Object Oriented Programing practice, Also, yeah I’ve picked up scripting in the past couple of months and it’s been a blast and I can’t wait for the future! Thanks for viewing the jetpack and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments.

Here’s a video using the Jetpack and comparing it to it’s last update (This was the twitter clip):

(If you would like to see constant updates on what I change and do I usually post things on my twitter)

Here is the ROBLOX game if you would like to test the jetpack!

I’d like to thank the friends along the way to help me get to where I am today! Stay safe everybody! :slight_smile:

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I can’t view the video because of a copyright claim from SME. I’ll play the game and reply again.

Let me try fixing that real quick

Try now? I changed it to the original twitter clip.
I’ll reupload it without the music.

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I love it, the only “bug” I think is that after you press the orange button, you can’t press the red one.

The Orange button doesn’t work, and the red button only works if you dont have the jetpack, I’ll get rid of it to confuse others

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Video copyright issues should be fixed now! Enjoy!

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