Objects not rotating straight

Hello! I am trying to build a parking lot but I cannot move the object to line up with the lines because the part wont rotate straight enough for the parking lines. But I have worked for like 10-20 minutes but it Isn’t wanting to stay Straight. Please Help me with this error.

You might need to elaborate more,

If you are Referring to using the Rotate Tool, Try changing the Snap to an amount you are used to, or what you prefer using, for Example:

Screenshot (16)

Which is under the Model Tab.

This is assuming you have a Tool Problem, If you mean as in the Part ends up rotating a different Direction, you Probably need to either:

  • Anchor it

  • Check if there is a Constraint changing the Rotation

As @xGOA7x said, make sure you have your Move increments set how you need them to be.

Do you have the orientation of the tools set to Global or Local?
Try using Ctrl L to switch between Global and Local.

You can also drag the line Part over top of the base Part below and the line should align to it.


pivot point being off centre (reset pivot or edit pivot or PrimaryPart for models)
rotation snap increment
manually setting rotation value via properties
global vs local mode
drag part onto floor to align to that rotation