Observability and Monitoring solution for Roblox - Feedback

Control is an observability and monitoring solution for Roblox.
Its features include:

  • Live statistics
  • Player & server inspection
  • Execution of predefined scripts called “Actions”
  • Chat & console log monitoring
  • Discord notifications about your game via webhooks

Planned are:

  • A database editor
  • Advanced moderation capabilities (ban & unban players based on chat messages)
  • Daily/Weekly reports on the games’ health

Control has been in development for six months now, and I want get feedback from potential users.
Please tell me if you would be interested in something like this. Why or why not? I would also like to know how much you would be willing to pay for a service like this.


How would this service differ from me simply clicking the developer stats button on experiences?

Don’t get me wrong, what you are making is something which I don’t think I’ve seen a creator produce, I’m just unsure if there is a realistic issue/problem that’s being addressed.
However, I do think services such as automized chat monitoring could be helpful to developers who don’t have the ability to create it for their own games

I’m glad you asked!
Roblox’ solution gives you a limited amount statistics, nothing more. No console or chat logs, no server/player inspection or remote moderation capabilities.

While that’s certainly enough for small games, big studios like Uplift Games, BIG Games, and Gamefam all use something like Control already. (Super Biz / Roblox Game Developers for example)
Because what big studios like them want is:

  • Full insight into their games’ health
  • Advanced moderation
  • Advanced analytics and monitoring

and they are willing to invest a lot of money into that.