(OBSOLETE) [For hire] LocalLoaf: Weapon, Vehicle, Prop Builder

Simple introduction.

Greetings reader, My name is LocalLoaf and I build models for 3-4 years now.

How i work.

I do work alone for most of the times when it is a small project but when comes to big projects,
I mostly work with my friend @daystopia who is my building partner.
Where i work with stuff like Vehicles, weapons or even props like barrels, he works on architecture and furniture.

What I offer.

I offer a lot of things such as guns, vehicles or props.
I am sincerely sorry if the images are low quality and random size.
Examples you can find here

Screenshots of weapons can be found here.

Example of weapons:

Screenshots of Vehicles can be found here.

Example of a Vehicle: Bus(W.I.P) in this case:

Screenshots of Props can be found here.

Example of a prop:

When I am available?

My work time varies from the amount of homework I am given by the teachers.
But commonly I am available for 8-10 hours a day presumably from 1-2 pm GMT+1
Weekends aren’t changed as much.
In studio I can sit whole day if needed, but i often take breaks from work.


Guns (Fictional and Not) - Price varies from the quality of the gun (Low poly, realistic, close to original.)
Vehicles (Same here, fictional or not) - Price varies from also the quality. (Low poly, realistic and/or close to original.)
Props - Price varies from around 200+ robux per prop.

I prefer being paid in robux through group funds but USD is also a available option.


You can contact me on:
Discord: Bread#9172
Only discord is available for now but i’m trying to get on more social media.


I have sent you a friend request on Discord, hope to see you soon!

VERY easy to work with, did it fast, detailed, and very beautiful. 10/10 recommend!