[obsolete] TrelloGet: a read-only wrapper for Trello

A note

This is an old project that I don’t maintain anymore. It was used for practice, and I’m not proud of how this was written at all.

I highly recommend you check out other wrappers that come with better features.



TrelloGet is a straightforward and beginner-friendly module to get information from Trello boards. This is made for projects that primarily deals with retrieving information, such as blacklist boards for admins and music ID libraries.
With the read-only functions, a token is not needed to use this, and no extra account securing or creating accounts are needed.

I intended this module to be as straightforward, easy-to-grasp as possible. TrelloGet is essentially a pack of shortcut API calls, so you can retrieve and handle web information in one line—just like a built-in Roblox API.

To setup, simply modify the AuthKey module, paste your authentication key, and you’re good to go!

Repository & documentation: g-captain-t/roblox-trello-get
Get the module: trello - Roblox

*Possible* Upcoming Features
  • HTTP request limiting
  • Built-in error handling
  • Retrieve due date in os timestamps




Trello.GetBoard (string BoardID)

Returns the board information table from the Trello board ID (found in the board link).
Example: Trello.GetBoard("ry8F0DOb")

Trello.GetBoardLists (string BoardID)

Returns table containing list information tables that are in the board.

Trello.GetBoardFields (string BoardID, table fieldsTable)

Returns a table of only specific information of the board from fieldsTable.
Example: Trello.GetBoardFields ("ry8F0DOb", {"id", "name"})
Returns: { ["id"] = "ry8F0DOb", ["name"] = "Team Goal Setting Central" }

Trello.SearchListInBoard (string BoardID, string ListName)

Returns the list information table by list name. Will return nil if not found.
Example: Trello.SearchCardInBoard ("ry8F0DOb", "Goal Template")

Trello.SearchCardInBoard (string BoardID, string CardName)

Returns the card information table by card name. Will return nil if not found.
Example: Trello.SearchCardInBoard ("ry8F0DOb", "Goal Stakeholders")


Trello.GetList (string ListID)

Returns the board information table from the list ID.
Example: Trello.GetList("5c3e2f948af0c952c092ce42")

Trello.GetListCards (string ListID)

Returns table containing card information tables within the list.

Trello.GetListFields (string ListID, table fieldsTable)

Returns a table of only specific information of the list from fieldsTable.

Trello.GetListName (string ListID)

Returns the list’s name in a string from the list ID.

Trello.SearchCardInList (string ListID, string CardName)

Returns the card information table by card name. Will return nil if not found.


Trello.GetCard (string CardID)

Returns the board information table from the card ID.

Trello.GetCardFields (string CardID, table fieldsTable)

Returns a table of only specific information of the card from fieldsTable.

Trello.GetCardList (CardID)

Returns a card’s list’s information table

Trello.GetCardName (string CardID)

Returns the card name in string.

Trello.GetCardDesc (string CardID)

Returns the card description in string.

Trello.GetCardMembers (string CardID)

Returns the card members in a table.

Trello.GetCardLabels (string CardID)

Returns the card labels names in a table.

Example Code

-- Example: Getting the card names in a list

local Trello = require(script.Parent.Parent)

local board = "ry8F0DOb"			
local listName = "Goal Template"	-- Remember to not use special characters such as "%", "\"

local List = Trello.SearchListInBoard(board, listName) 	-- Get the list info table
if List then
	local ListCards = Trello.GetListCards(List["id"]) 	  -- Gets the cards from the list id
	for i, card in pairs (ListCards) do 
		print(card["name"])								                  -- Print each card name

I had a lot of fun digging into APIs with this module, and I hope this could help you develop your projects. If you’d like to suggest features, provide feedback, build off this module and share it, please feel free to do so!


Just a question, why should I use this over the Original Trello API?

Firstly, don’t use Trello as a database. It is really unsafe and you are at the mercy of a API key. Use a database like Mongoose or MySQL don’t use trello.

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As long as your game does not dangerously overload requests in a short time, it’s not a massive problem.
This module is intended to simply read information from a Trello board and made for straightforward use, not managing a large database.
A lot of community games may want to easily pass information from a Trello board to their game. Take Ro-Av for example – an airline wants to automatically import their schedule from their board. I wrote this module to simplify that process.

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The obvious difference is that my module is specific only to reading information and made for games that do not need writing to Trello.

The module you referenced was not made to be easily used (this phrase is on the very first line of said module: IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SCRIPT GET OUT YOU WONT KNOW HOW TO USE THIS!) and the way the module is arranged/documented would need someone more time to fully grasp how to use it. This would feel heavier for those who just wants to import information from their board.

While nstrike159’s module has the complete features if you need to fully utilize Trello’s features, I want mine to be easy-to-use and simple for the more casual programmers.

In short, using either completely depends on your preference and your needs.

I honestly do not understand how this is more simple than the Original Trello API. Also, you need to know how script/program to use this too.

Now I can easily have the updates on my Trello be dynamically updated in game.
Trello’s api doesn’t seem that hard to figure out, but this is still cool.

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That is not what I M talking about. Trello isn’t meant to be used as a database. It is meant for project organization.

I guess you joined the wrong group , it says clothing designer? But what to do they don’t have a group for you The Einstiens of Roblox

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Mongoose isn’t a database, it’s a MongoDB data modelling library for use with NodeJS

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Not really haha, I’m a clothing designer by trade, I code on the side!

Thank you so much for making this! Unlike TrelloAPI (which does not work) this works perfectly and is so easy to use.

If you could add events that would be cool.


stuff like that

Hello! This is an old (if anything, embarrassing) project I don’t maintain anymore, and there are better wrappers I recommend you check out.

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