[ocean point] alliance rules

This letter is for the group, https://www.roblox.com/groups/5460270/Luxurious-hotels#!/about


  • 50 members, not botted.

  • No security technology group, military, nation groups.

  • 2 Representatives sent to our discord. We have a special role in ROBLOX group if you are willing to join.

  • Willing to help announcing events, important activities, announcements.

  • Good attitude among staff, fairness of the rules.

  • Known about ethic work, well-trained and respectful staff, good reputation.

  • Having good relationship with other groups,
    have official discord server with more than 20 members.

  • Not a stolen / scammed / copied group.

  • Overall an active group, not corrupt one.

  • No bad past history such as scams, rudeness, abuses of owner, developers, high ranks.

  • Maturity and common sense among High Ranks+.

  • Group and staff itself follow ROBLOX ToS strictly.

  • Ocean Point will not intervene your interior problems as long as it does not break our requirements.

  • NO SCAM DISCORD BOTS IN SERVER such as spamming invites through DMs, sending inappropriate things.

  • Does not guarantee an accept even if you meet the requirements, contact ronin#6995 or dm on ROBLOX panini313.

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