Octopuso's communications [GUIDELINES]

Salutions! Welcome to the Octopuso communications guidelines, this guide was created by FeaturedEmbed but posted by @Juicoius also known as one of the contracting members!

Communication's verification

Octopuso’s communications server uses Bloxlink verification the non premium version.

When you join the communications, you will be prompted into a #verification channel, you have to be a member of Discord for longer than five minutes to speak, but first you have to become a verified member, you can become one by saying the command .verify and follow the prompt.

After you have successfully completed the prompt, you will have access to the communications chat and channels, staff members will have a staff section for the rest of the staff and them.

Communication's rules

Octopuso’s has private created rules developed by the leadership members of the communications.

Section A of guidelines; community respect

Respect must be used to all members of the communications, related consequences such as a time mute and loss of privileges might be used if not done so.

Honors members have privileged respect from staff members meaning that related consequences would be taken higher such as communications kick and loss of staff member ranks, those will be the consequences if not followed the 2a rule to respect honor members.

Section B of guidelines; grammar and punctuation


Spelling, punctuation and grammar is not needed at the communications unless in notifications and priority messages, not following this rule may lead into a staff member rank down.


SPaG is not to be mis lead saying that in Octopuso’s facilities grammar is not required, that game rule will not be changed as you need to use SPaG in game facilities at all times.

Section C of guidelines; internal decisions


Communication moderators decisions are final, argument with any communication moderator will equal in a suspension of your rank after being warned once.


Leadership members may interfere with moderator’s decisions if needed, although communication moderators have been privately and professionally trained, leadership members have rights to discontinue their decision.


Internal decisions may be completely changed by the presidential members even if a leadership member disagrees with the edit.

Section D of guidelines; unauthorised advertising


Unauthorised advertising is a common matter in facility communications therefore this will be straightly treated into a communications kick before permenant removal from the server.


Direct message advertising is even more serious, if someone direct message advertises they will be straightly and permenantaly banned from the communications as they might of have been advertising before this issue.

Section E of guidelines; off topic conversations


Off topic conversations have a private channel for them, the channel is for verified members only, named #off_topic you can speak there about anything not related to Octopuso’s and any Roblox group.


Venting, talking about personal problems, in the off topic channel I see allowed though suicidal rudeness to others is not allowed at any times, if a communication moderator views that, you will be straightly banned.

Section X of guidelines

This is section X to overall say what the rules are but in a more quicker and slim way, follow these at all times and get promotions, don’t follow them and become a member of the consequences team.

Don’t be rude and use respect at all times, especially to honor members.

Grammar and punctuation is not needed unless you are writing a notification or a priority message.

Spamming and advertising or direct message advertising is a permanent ban offence.

Leadership and communication moderators decisions are final, arguing would lead into a middle degree consequence.

Off topic channels are for conversations not about Roblox or our group, all rules apply there except you can vent in there.

Communication's ranks

Octopuso’s has ranks in their communications not including the Roblox group roles, these are only Discord related but there are a few exceptions.

Senior leadership members Hard but achievable
The presidential and coordination members.

Leadership members Achievable by application
The assistance junior presidential and coordination members.

Octopuso’s Not achievable
Helper bots made by Discord developers.

Booster members Achievable by boosting the communications
Members who have boosted the communications, instructions located in the server.

Honor members Medium hardness of achieving
Members who have been honoured or won by a giveaway.

Facilites moderator Achievable by application
Facility moderators that are in the moderational group.

Communication moderator Achievable by application
Communication moderators that have applied and got the moderational rank.

That’s all, make sure to follow the guidelines, if you don’t bother to read all of it, just read sector X for slim guidelines.

Juicoius on behalf of FeaturedEmbed,
Senior leadership team of Octopuso’s

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