Octus State [New game]

Hello, me and my team have created this game.

Game Link

Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/6682638512/Octus-State-Los-Angeles



And much more.

About the game

Our development team have worked countless hours scripting, building modeling and we appreciate if you show us support.

We also appreciate feedback about the games and bugs that need to be fixed.

We are working countless hours fixing bugs and updating the game every day for you guys to enjoy.

The Team

@tysyaka - Builder (major), Molder (minior/major), UI (minior), Scripting (minor)
@Donutroboto - Builder (minor), Modeler (minor)
@brandon_dandellion - Scripting (major), Builder (minor)
@Unavailabl_3 - Logo and thumbnails (major)
@JonathonBows - Building (Minor)
@LeaveIt25 - Vehicle Making (major)
And some of the people that made the thumbnails

Questions or concerns?

Ask them in this topic. Or please message me in devforum @tysyaka and i’ll answer your question or concern.


Main Roblox Group
FBI Group

We hope you have a good day.

Game recommended for

The game is mostly recommended for PC/Laptop because that’s all that the cars work for and Mobile is fine but you loose less gameplay.


We will help you and share updates and bug fixes here to.

There is also more pictures but I seriously don’t want to do more…

Questions concerns or feedback?

If you have any question, concerns or feedback? Just simply image

Maybe take all the free models out, the trees are definitely free models and the fire trucks and petrol station look like free models but I am not too sure. Also, on the 3rd image down the text on the walls look very out of place, but other than that I like the builds but some are a bit simple.


Thanks for your feedback!

Our team will soon be on it!


Emergency Services Development Team



We are making new models.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have not fully been contacted from my devs that there is free models.
This is what I have been creating:

It will soon be functional and we will be making more models later in the future.
Making these take a long time and that is kinda what we have been developing models.


Emergency Services Development Team
Emergency Services Staff Team
Emergency Services Development Models
Emergency Services Models Pictures Inc.

Add more houses, buildings, remove free models, add a skybox, add sunrays, probably enable decoration (it will clip though parts) More roads, bridges possibly highways, country side, barn, ATM machines.

Alright, here is what I think you could improve on. the first thing I noticed when I got in was the amount of lag. My Pc is pretty good and can usually handle some of the more higher-end games at full graphics at 75 FPS+. Your game gave me at most 40 FPS. I would try to optimize your game so that the performance In’t so bad. I think the map could use more trees/bushes. I was driving around in the car and noticed that some trees were low poly and some were high poly. This is the same as the buildings. I would try to find one kind of style and stick to it throughout. I do think that if there are a lot more players/things to do in here then this game could be really fun!

Okay, I will have my development team on it.

I don’t know why they added

This game is still in early alpha and is still in construction: image

Why is there a main group, then a FBI group? Shouldn’t there be groups like Police, Fire Department, etc? Just wondering…

We don’t have enough robux lol.

time to bust my back fixing it and making new models…


We don’t have enough robux to create more groups.


We have fixed the some trees are high polly and some trees are low polly.

We are fixing the lag issue and It is nearly done.


We are fixing the free model stuff and are creating some of our own models. We have added some of this stuff and will add more stuff in the future.


We are fixing this type of stuff thanks for your concerns.

Thanks to everyone that:
Gave Feedback
or Our Developers/Staff


I’m a old community manager there, prob changed the rank name and I do not recommand; we did never worked on it, we just used free models, which I denied and quitted. That also why you lag.

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not all free models. We actually made models when you used all free models.

I did never uses all free models, you did. My laptop is enough powerful to support the game, but, I already disliked it.