Odd BodyPosition behavior with PGS Physics Solver

For some reason, when I have PGS Physics Solver enabled(which I’d like to use for my game), if I have a bodyposition object in a union set to a position it vanishes. For instance, I set the bodyposition’s position property to be in front of my character for a dragging effect, and the position is set correctly: https://gyazo.com/d53b6a3955a46e3b11dc61ed7f70672e
(ignore the maxforce, that’s set to its correct value once I’m actually dragging the object),

but this is ultimately what occurs to the actual position of the object… When I start dragging it, even though the bodyposition is set correctly, it vanishes.

Again, none of this is happening with PGS Physics Solver disabled. I hope it is a bug or can be resolved. Let me know either way. Thanks.

See here

Thanks a lot. Just had to decrease my P values.

We disabled the offending change. This, uh, might mean that you have to change the values back… to what they were before.

Sorry about the confusion. We’ve shipped a change that was intended to make Body* objects behave better but that had unintended consequences so we’ve disabled the change for now.

If we do this again we’ll notify developers beforehand with guidance on changing the values if necessary.