Odd delay with Humanoids and .Died events

I use a traditional method of keeping track of who killed who using creator tags inside humanoids.

But every now and again, even though I do TakeDamage() on server and break the joints of the character, the “.Died” event happens after the expiry of the creator tag in some rare cases, and doesn’t award a kill.

It seems like the client in control of the humanoid needs to send out its .Died event or something- I’m not sure.
Extending the expiry date of creator tags has somewhat solved the issue, but some unintended side effects happen here and there.

Would using Humanoid:ChangeState and StateChanged events be a good workaround? I want something that simply deals server-side.

I would imagine that using those methods would help you get around your problem. I could jump on studio soon and see if these events work on the server appropriately.