Odd in-game console behavior

When opening the Developer Console in-game, clicking on the “Memory” tab seems to trigger rather odd behavior. When going back to the “Log” tab after having clicked on the “Memory” tab, the log seems to have been wiped, the “command line” appears, and nothing seems to be printed out to the client log anymore.

Below is a picture where you can see the “command line” and no output being printed out while being in the “Log” tab.

The bug in question seems to occur in l games where I do not have access to the Server Log. I’ve just noticed this behavior today, but this could have been happening for a while. For operating system, I am using 64-bit windows 10.

Repro steps:

  1. Join any ROBLOX game where you only have access to the client log. (not your game)
  2. Open up the Developer Console.
  3. Click on the “Memory” tab.
  4. Click back on the “Log” tab.

My apologies if this has been reported before, after doing a quick search I couldn’t find any thread reporting this issue.

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