[OFFERING] German > English - Translator

Hello Developers,

My name is CrashFacts, and I’m a native German speaker. I was born in this country, and definitely know the German language, and how to properly use it. My English is just perfect to be online, and I’ve been on Roblox for a couple of years now, yet never decided to try to translate a game.

About me:

Recently, was the first time when I translated, which went pretty well, and it was actually fun to do, so I decided to make a Developer Forum post, for you to hire me, if necessary.

I don’t have an official portfolio for myself yet, since I translate and build things. My side jobs are testing and moderating.


Depending on how much there is to translate, the price is always different.

Last time I translated, I got 18k in Robux as a payment for a 13 page in-game translation, plus the game description and developer products.

But the payment method is Robux.


Mainly discord, since I’m pretty much active there, and semi-available. I can be afk, but I do reply back.




You should post this in the #collaboration:portfolios section.

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Do you have a robux per string rate? This is how translators calculate your prices…

Nope, I actually don’t. Let me message you privately.

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