Official Featured Sort Game Nomination Survey

Hey Developers,

Today we have created a brand new process to nominate games for our featured sort!! In order to participate, you will need to fill out this survey and make sure the game you are submitting meets our featuring guidelines.

Check out:

Our goal is update the Games page’s Featured sort regularly. We want to continuously show off new and awesome games created by our talented community.

We are aiming at creating an ideal Featured sort for all players with a variety of games including puzzles, combat, and roleplay.

Please be sure to read the Featured Game Guidelines before submitting a nomination:

Additionally, if you are one of the developers chosen, we have some guidelines for making updates to your game while it is featured: Testing Featured Game Updates Through QA

Link to the games featuring sort

Developer Relations Team


Nice! Is there any planned rate at which Roblox is aiming to swap out featured games, like once a week?


The current plan is to bring new games to the list on a monthly basis.


Do the games stay for a month and then get replaced, or more? And new games are added each month?

(As in how long do featured games remain in featured)


The games listed are replaced for new ones on a monthly basis.


NO Gambling of ANY kind, or encouragement thereof

Is this just a rewording of the already-existing ToS rule? I know arch mage has crates, I assume other games on that list do too. Crates wouldn’t be allowed if this rule were taken as is.

Also, what constitutes a realistic weapon? Knives and shurikens are real, but game of clones is still on the list. Does that rule just refer to guns?


My brother is doing my music and sound effects for a large portion of the overall game so how would we go about providing proof since its an original piece.


EDIT: This response is from Nov 2017 and may not be accurate anymore.

A lootbox mechanic is fine, because Roblox does not seem to classify this as strictly gambling, since the player is guaranteed to get something in exchange for what they put in. The problem occurs when you have a mechanic in your game that allows a player to put in money, but there is a chance that they get absolutely nothing in return or something that is not generally accepted to be reasonable. (The latter would be something that is determined on a case-by-case scenario)

If you make sure that the chances of getting which kind of items are sufficiently described in your game, and your game does not ask the player to i.e. put in 100R$ with a 99% chance to get a garbage bag and a 1% chance to get a diamond, you should not be running into any issues with this guideline. I don’t think it is possible to make this guideline more specific because these kind of mechanics can be applied in a really broad way. You would probably never cross this guideline if you develop your game with good intent.


So is this just a restatement of the ToS rule? This rule doesn’t mention robux - so what I’m reading is that if you have an item that you didnt buy with robux and you gamble it away, this is okay under the ToS but not okay under this rule.


EDIT: This response is from Nov 2017 and may not be accurate anymore.

Most of the items in the featured guidelines are just restated sentences taken from somewhere in the TOS / Developer Rules of Conduct, or based on requirements that Xbox puts on Roblox games featured on console.

Yeah, apparently this seems fine going off of what’s written in the TOS (it only mentions no gambling with any real currency involved in any way, and that games must be fair/non-skewed), but the featured sort is stricter in that regard.


When you create a new list of featured games for the month, have you thought about leaving the outgoing featured games (in a separate list). For example:

December’s Featured Games
game1, game2, …

November’s Featured Games
game3, game4, …

October’s Featured Games
game5, game6, …

That will allow you to build up a bigger list of featured games, and allow players to discover good games that they may have missed from previous features. The App Store by Apple does this thing all the time, where they retain the previous featured items for people to discover.


Would my game, In order to be featured, have to have a certain amount of place visits or players?


No, the point of the category is to promote high-quality games with few visitors. Send in that application, my dude! :+1:


Games previously listed on the PC Featured Sort on November 13, 2017

Hey Developers,

The featured games list has been updated today December 11, 2017.

  • Wild Revolvers - Xbox, pc
  • Penguin Simulator - pc, tablet, mobile
  • Ro-Fish - pc, tablet, mobile
  • Gravity Shift - pc, tablet, mobile
  • Disaster Island - pc, tablet, mobile
  • Gold Venture - pc, tablet, mobile
  • Ramona - pc

Developer Relations Team


Thanks for featuring us!


Looks good.


What exactly determines if a game is nominated? I submitted Ultimate Boxing when the survey went up for all platforms to get it back up to 300-400 concurrent players (many people have been complaining how inactive the game is), but it seems like the game is doomed right now because of the lack of feedback on getting on the sort.


Hi Nexus,

Thanks for reaching out with this question. We have plans to go through the survey process at the beginning of next year. We will definitely reach out to more folks with featuring opportunity by next year.

Developer Relations Team


:thinking: ok