Official Guidelines for Names Association

This is a summary of our rules. Please read through carefully.

Do not be disrespectful.

Every staff member should know how to use grammar, act professional and use common sense. Do not be disrespectful to (1) customers, (2) co-workers and (3) alliances. Every staff member should be able to help in the register if there aren’t any workers in the Customer Support desk.

How to get your submitted feedback visible to other members.

Our Post-Approval Department is the team that is accepting and declining feedback sent to by (1) users, (2) staff members and (3) alliances. To avoid getting your feedback from our game declined and deleted, please be sure you do NOT have anything of these kinds of things in your feedback process:

  • Swear words.
  • Inappropriate behavior.
  • Asking for a promotion/demotion.
  • Asking to read your application.
  • Personal information (such as your phone number, IP address, etc)

Use the Customer Support feature correctly.

There are currently 3 different ways of getting support. You can get support through our Customer Support desk in-game, the “Support” button on the “Menu” tab and opening up a ticket inside our discord server.

Getting support should NOT include anything of this:

  • Asking for promotions/demotions.
  • Asking for firing a co-worker.
  • Swearing / Inappropriate content.
  • Asking for reading your application.

Things that are listed below that are found in any feedback ticket will be ignored/deleted.

Three-strike Moderation System

Here at Names Association, we do not tolerate that any user that is breaking any rules. You can find more about our Three-Strike Moderation System here.

There-strike Moderation System

Here at Names Association, we do not tolerate that any user in any form of way is breaking any rules. Under this text, it will be information about strikes.

Strike 1: Once you receive Strike 1, you will be privately messaged by one of the members in the Names Administration Team that this is your first strike. They will be stating very clearly that this is your first strike. You will get a demotion (if you are a staff member), and a 1-day ban from our game and discord server.

Breaking any more rules after 1-month of your first strike, you will be getting Strike 2.

Strike 2: After 1-month of your first strike, if you break any more rules, you will be getting your second strike. A member of our Administration team will be privately messaging you that this is your second strike. Once you receive it, you will be getting an instant demotion, a 1-week ban from our games and discord servers, and blacklisted from sending in an application.

Breaking any more rules after 1-month after you have received second strike, you will be getting Strike 3.

Strike 3: Strike 3. The final strike. You will be privately notified from our Administration team that this is your final strike. You will get blacklisted from the application, interview, and training center. You will get permanently removed from our staff team. Permanently banned from our group, games and discord server.

You can appeal by sending an email to The format is in our Discord server.

Global Rule 1.

  1. Names Association is designed for users to enjoy and feel their imagination. All users are expected to not be disrespectful, trolling, scamming or spamming
    1.1 Scamming for “free robux” or “free coins” or “free points”, etc, are prohibited.
    1.2 Trolling is not allowed and is never tolerated.
    1.3 Spamming the chat (just to slow down the chat or to not see a message) is prohibited. You are also not allowed to try and spam to avoid filters.

Global Rule 2

  1. Every customer should be treated with the best of respect. Customers are not allowed to be treated like animals.
    2.1 Individuals (customers) should not be yelled, spammed or be ignored by staff members.
    2.2 Customers have the right to report a problem to an HR if they do see a problem with one of the workers. (Only if they are rude, disrespectful, etc)

Global Rule 3

  1. There are certain topics that should not be talked about or mentioned by anyone, both in our games and in our discord server.
    3.1 Talking about Racism is prohibited.
    3.2 Talking about Hate speech is prohibited.
    3.3 Talking about Gender bias is prohibited.
    3.4 Talking about Politics is prohibited.
    3.5 Talking about Religion is prohibited.
    3.6 Talking about or talking in Discriminatory language is prohibited.

Global Rule 4

  1. Please keep all conversations in our game to English and Spanish only.
    4.1 English and Spanish may only go into our cafe and in our application center.
    4.2 English may only go into our discord server, training center and interview center.

Global Rule 5

Arguing with a staff member with their decision(s) is prohibited. Staff always have the final word. (MR+)

Global Rule 6

Everyone in the concurrent server you are in should be treated like you wanted to be treated.

Global Rule 7

  1. The private sections on the cafe, interview and training center should not be opened by non-staff members. It is a reason that it is staff-only.
    7.1 Trying to break into the staff rooms (such as the staff lounge, kitchen and registers) are not allowed.
    7.2 Trying to break into the game pass areas (such as the Premium Area, Premium Lounge, Upstairs Pass, etc) are prohibited.

Global Rule 8

  1. Talking about the Names Association moderation in our group, games, discord or a DM are prohibited.
    8.1 You are not allowed to be talking about our moderation or our moderation history.
    8.2 You are not allowed to be talking about moderation actions publicly.

Global Rule 9

  1. If you have founded a critical bug, and it is not listed in our “Critical Situations” section in our discord server, DM one of our developers A.S.A.P.
    9.1 Trying to hide a critical bug you have founded are prohibited.
    9.2 Trying to make a more damage of this bug is prohibited.

Global Rule 10

We take bug reports and critical bug reports very seriously and bug reports that isn’t actually there, troll bugs, spamming bugs or inappropriate reports will be ignored and deleted.

Global Rule 11

You are not allowed to advertise in our group, games, discord server or social media. That’s include (but’s not limited to):

  • Discord Invites
  • Groups
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Accounts
  • Social Media
  • Projects

Only alliances may advertise in our cafe.

Global Rule 12

You are not permitted to be sharing your personal information with others in our group, games, discord server or social media. That’s includes (but it is not limited to):

  • Account password and/or account email.
  • Your home address.
  • Your phone number.
  • Your email address.
  • Your IP Address
  • Your location
  • Your first and last real-life name.
  • Your age.

You are allowed to share your gender, as long it isn’t violating one of our rules above this text.

Global Rule 13

If you are in our interview or training center, recording answers and uploading them is not permitted.

Global Rule 14

While your on our cafe, making our employees angry/sad is prohibited. Use common sense.

Staff Rules

Global Rule 1

  1. While your on-duty as a Janitor, Cashier, Security or Chef you must:
    1.1 Show professionalism.
    1.2 Show that you have good grammatical and punctuation skills.
    1.3 Show that you are very active in your position.

Global Rule 2

As an LR, you are required to have a greeting when you are at the register.

Global Rule 3

  1. As an LR, you may not wait in our interview and training center while a session isn’t hosted.
    3.1 As an LR, you are not permitted to join the interview center. Only Head of+ may help in interview sessions and rank 12+ may host.
    3.2 As an LR, you are permitted to help in training sessions. Management+ are picking out helpers from the LR team, and Senior Management+ is picking out Trainers from our MR team.

Global Rule 4.

As a worker, you are not permitted to start a heavy discussion with/or staff members and customers.

Global Rule 5

  1. Arguing with a HR+ about a decision they made is prohibited.
    5.1 Arguing if they have decided to give you a demotion/promotion is not permitted.

Any other rules listed above does also count for staff members!

Global Rule 15

In any way, no matter how your feeling, how matter you are, you are not allowed to be breaking the Roblox’s Terms of Service and Roblox’s Terms of Use.