Official Roblox Brand Guidelines


Roblox Brand Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read up on Roblox’s brand guidelines!

First and foremost, these guidelines are designed to help you show off the Roblox brand.
Our goal is for Roblox as a brand to be consistently presented as one cohesive brand.
Following our guidelines is a win-win situation; consistency will strengthen both our brand and yours.

The Roblox Logo

Please follow these guidelines when using our logo:


● This is our current logo. Please do not use any of the previous Roblox logos.
● On dark backgrounds, or when placing the logo on an image, you may use the white
Roblox logo. Otherwise, please do not change the logo’s color.



● As the above image illustrates, you should leave enough space around the logo equal to the
center square in the Roblox “O”.
● Avoid making the Roblox logo smaller than 72 pixels on screen or 1” for print.
● Please don’t add drop shadows to the logo.
● Please don’t skew, warp, rotate, or otherwise alter the logo.

The Roblox Icon



● This is the Roblox icon. All rules that apply to the Roblox logo also apply to the Roblox icon.
● You should primarily use the full Roblox logo, but the Roblox icon may be used where it seems appropriate.

The Roblox Studio Icon


● This is the Roblox Studio icon. All rules that apply to the Roblox logo also apply to the Roblox icon.
● The Roblox developer icon is split down the middle to represent building on Roblox; developers are always building on and completing their projects and experiences.

The Roblox Colors


● Roblox Red HEX: E2231A
● Roblox Developer Blue HEX: 00A2FF

The Roblox Name

● In text, please refer to our brand or platform as “Roblox” (not “ROBLOX” or “roblox”). This also goes for “Bloxy,” “Robux,” and other Ro-words.

● “Roblox” is a technology platform that gives developers the opportunity to make games. It is not a game itself. Please don’t refer to it as one.

Thank you!

-Sincerely Marketing Team

2 hats named "roblox visor"
Car Physics for Racing Game
The Wiki gets a make-over!

The debate is now settled.


This also ends a load of debates. Thanks for this too.


FINALLY. I’ve always said ROBLOX thinking it was correct, even had a few debates about it. Thanks for clarifying.


I hate to be that guy, but


It used to be afaik.

Either way, I’m still going to always say ROBLOX, it’s embedded into my brain after so many years.


That’s like saying it has to be "ROBLOX’ because the actual logo uses capital letters.

In text, it’s still referred to “Roblox” even if an image has it in caps.


It actually does… now I can actually tell people to stop making Roblox a meme at school! (also to stop annoying me because I develop on it)


We are working with Marketing to have this changed. Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:


soooo, does this mean I shouldn’t use this beauty? :frowning:

(more seriously, thanks for clarifying the correct capitalization)


RIP me, I usually type it as “ROBLOX”.

I can adjust. :slight_smile:


Also what about the ROBLOX cough I mean Roblox account?

image of Roblox account


Too bad my dad will never stop asking “Are you playing Roblox?”



Is there any way we could get an official branding package containing large image files of all the logos and icons and stuff? Would be a lot more convenient to grab from there rather than searching google images and having to mess with scaling and low res images and what have you.


There’s one right here, but I think it’s just the main logo.


Yeah, some vector files would also be really useful.

Gotta get top quality images :ok_hand:


The press kit that @BlastB00M linked contains vector images of the logo. You can get just the square cheese-it if you open the logo and just delete the other letters as well.


Oh true. Thanks.


I understand that Roblox is shooting for a more professional look but I would hate to see the logo changed from all caps. Will this occur in the near future?