Official Roblox Brand Guidelines


So no, it won’t be removed.


It’s not an enforcement your content as a developer is your own :smiley:


Awesome. Thanks for clarifying.


I emailed and they were able to change my group’s name to reflect the actual capitalization. Just make sure you make it clear it’s only the capitalization you want changed.


Just want to clarify something, though, it was ROBLOX before the rebrand. You can see that countless of the old blog posts say ROBLOX instead of Roblox, so this could also clear some things up with some who are confused. (not to mention the ROBLOX account is still named “ROBLOX”) < this is an example of a blog post with numerous mentions of ROBLOX



So who wants to contact Discord?


That checkmark just means that they have verified that it is fully compatible with the Discord overlay feature. It is by no means an endorsement of Roblox by Discord.


I think he meant it being fully uppercase


Upsie daisy. I thought I was reading the permissible links post.

On a second note, I believe the name is directly derived from the executable metadata, so maybe Roblox hasn’t updated their own code to reflect this change?


Could be since the metadata still hasn’t been changed.


rip logo i designed.


Your logo is fine since the letters in the logo itself are still capitalized. I doubt they will be changing this anytime soon.


It doesn’t follow the guidelines because there is a gradient over the letters, the color is not roblox red/ roblox blue / pure white or pure black, and the O is malformed. Note that the guidelines aren’t rules though.


I’m pretty sure he’s not trying to showcase his logo.

@devSparkle I think he was referring to

● On dark backgrounds, or when placing the logo on an image, you may use the white
Roblox logo. Otherwise, please do not change the logo’s color.


● Please don’t skew, warp, rotate, or otherwise alter the logo.


Oh my, you and @buildthomas appear to have a point. However, since this is a game on the platform, I’m sure they wouldn’t object to the artwork.

I would add, however, that it is important to clarify this specific instance, as other developers may wish to create similar artwork for their own games. Perhaps @Rootie_Groot could take a stance on this type of work, and clarify whether or not it is allowed?


No need, it has already been answered several times. Make sure to look through the staff responses in the thread.

They are guidelines, not rules. You won’t be moderated for not following the guidelines. You should follow the guidelines if you want to contribute to and benefit from brand consistency.


I’m still going to write ‘ROBLOX’ because that’s how it’s always been sold to me.


Feel free to negatively impact your game with improper branding then.

That’s the nice thing about guidelines and not rules.


I’ll even make everyone wear these! So much for improper branding.