Official Roblox Brand Guidelines


Those items all came out before the re-branding.


My only issue with Roblox feeling the need to re-brand from ROBLOX to Roblox is that they’ve spent so long under the banner of ROBLOX. It’s a really hard-pressed changed after so long, and obviously they didn’t spend a lot of time to do the switch-over very effectively because there are still so many things that haven’t received fixing from ROBLOX to Roblox. Ultimately, I don’t see the point in re-branding when the change is so subtle that there appears no obvious reason to re-brand. It’s one thing to completely change colors or name, but to change the capitalization is so pointless when they’ve already got such a following calling them by ROBLOX (full caps.)


When you talk about Roblox, do you scream Roblox at them?


No, but I don’t scream AXE or half scream TRESemmé, or any other. Brands, in my opinion, have a weird double standard where it’s known that even if the Brand has strange capitalization it doesn’t change that you just say the word. Think about how difficult it would be to pronounce OpTiC, FaZe, or how you would say PlayStation4 normal but scream PS4. Makes no real sense.


When you get older and take college courses about Marketing you learn some things. Here are some cliff notes about what you should be aware of:

Branding is linked to your name, logo, online presence, product and services and the general appeal to the crowd. It makes sense for Roblox to change the capitalization because the old ROBLOX is strange to type and people may confuse it for an acronym or just think it looks kind of childish. In this same vein, branding is a proclamation to the world about who you are and what your company represents.

A lot of this flows with the perception that the brand gives off. Roblox wants people who are unfamiliar with the brand to perceive the company in a professional way, which the capitalization gives off. You could argue all day about how the logo is in all caps, but extended logo designs of companies like Twitter and Facebook have different capitalization then how you would in text.

For example, Twitter’s logo capitalization is all lower case and facebook does this similarly.

Anyways, the summary of this is that arguing about what you feel is right doesn’t make any sense. The company is moving in a different direction, and holding onto the past is not going to help here. There are some branding mistakes on the website, and the proper teams are fully aware of those issues and will be getting them fixed as soon as they have the available resources.



Wouldn’t this also go as a reason to keep it though, because ya know, Roblox is targeted to Children? At the end of the day, my opinion, and really anyone’s opinion doesn’t matter, Roblox will choose to do what is “best” in their opinion but still, we all have our rationales about what is best and isn’t. As someone who spent time in classes revolving design orientated things (pertaining to video game design) and had to deal with what is objectively “best” design wise, it’s all kind of crap. Like, in marketing you can say this is good, and this is bad. In graphic design, you can say this is good, and this is bad. Same for fashion, video game design, video editing, etc, etc. But really, it’s all art. What is “good” and what is “bad” is up to those who best fit your demographic.

You can’t teach based on the opinion of what’s “best” in a market constantly changing what is “best”


“Video Game Design” is a whole other topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Markets will continue to evolve and so will the companies that want to survive.


Just gonna put it out there, that when you can assign empirical numbers to said art, you can define what is best.

I don’t rlly wanna argue tho, and you probably shouldn’t argue either, because its someone with no facts and no experience vs someone with a lot of the facts and a lot of experience (rootie_groot, not me!)


Sorry to be that one dude, but.image


Is that on Twitch?


Email subscribe letter that you receive in your e-mail to notify when Roblox has gone live on Twitch.


Unsure if anyone has noticed, but the Roblox app on the Play Store name is capitalized wrong along with the wrong company name too.




These are for the toys. There is no way these came out before the rebranding, as every toy has this caps.


Not sure if this is the place we should report inconsistencies on the site, but…

A few areas in the report abuse page use ‘ROBLOX’ instead of ‘Roblox’.