Official VBet Change-Log

The Official Change-Log for VBet, any Other “Posts” Claiming to be Affiliated With the VBET Team, is fake, Unless Confirmed by an owner.

These Changes are following up upon Different Dates, to show Change-Logs Per Version, day. Be aware, Most of these are Changing MORE

  • As of 9/16/22:: Added Detection on Users above 100M+ Now (1B),
    Anti-Cheat Added in, Working on Detecting: Dupes, Possible items
    Traded off ( Poisoned Items )

  • Trade-Logs Inside the Discord, ( Web-Hooked ) - Ban wave to users who are Suspected of Duplicating items.

Fixed Dupe items, If someone is Suspected of Dupe items, They will be Banned as It’s Cross-Tracked Upon Serial ID’s.

Fixed Bug with UI, Where it wouldn’t close. and it would Remain Open and Wouldn’t close, and you’d have to Rejoin game Upon Joining back to Close it out fully

Duplication items, Resettled User Data - Switched from DataStore2 to New DataStore, to fix issues.

Coinflip Release 1.0.0 ( INTERNAL RELEASE )

Trello Enabled for Bans / Cross-Traders Banned.