OFFSALE 350$) Rustic Building


This is a rustic looking building it can be used for multiple purposes. This is selling for 350$, and prices are very flexible. Preferred payment method is through group funds.

Build Pictures

You can contact me on Discord EvenFeathersFall#0903, or on this post. Thank you! :grinning::upside_down_face:


Lets discuss. MLGPure#0001 on discord

Keep in mind, this building has not yet been sold yet. The price has also been lowered from 1500 to 850. I would also accept a 10$ Roblox Giftcard

Sounds cool also there are only 10 dollar gift cards.

Can we have game link? It is always better than pictures.

Oh shoot, I just realised that. Thanks.

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Yeah, a game link could be provided for deeper scrutinization.
Here you go.

Yet again, the price has been lowered from 850 to 700 r$. A 10$ roblox giftcard would also be accepted.

If anyone wants to buy this, its up for grabs at 350 r$.