[Offsale] 3rd Person Gun System

Hello, I’m currently selling a gun system from one of my games. This system uses FastCast and has many features such as gravity, client-sided hit detection, and more.

Note: I am selling this system to only ONE person.

Here is a short preview of the gun system: https://gyazo.com/5cfbf2ba861cce649adfcc7b49defff6 (the gif has a low framerate so you can’t really see the projectiles moving. I recommend playing the game I linked below to see them better.)

You can use the gun system here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4002140727/Combat-Warriors-Test-Server


  • Modular design; you can easily add guns and adjust their settings.
  • Security; the gun system has client-sided detection with server verification. Some verification on the server include raycasting, distance checks and more.
  • Client-sided rendering; the gun renders projectiles on the client to ensure the projectiles are rendered smoothly for you and other players
    …There are also many other features that are included in the gun system, I recommend visiting the link to the game to explore the other features

I am looking for a payment of R$14,000 for the entire gun system. I’m currently only accepting Robux through group funds. I am not accepting USD.

You can contact me via Discord: swenzje#5995
You can message me here on the DevForums

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Not going to lie but it doesn’t look like it’s worth 26k. Most free model guns look better than that but the client and security features count for something. I’d price it at maximum 5k.

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Wowzers, a little pricey don’t you think? I would personally charge about 7-13k considering that the guns aren’t the best quality. However, like @EternalCanadianDevsaid the Client and Security systems are very nice and should be worth a good amount. Hope you find a good buyer! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve reduced the price.

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Wouldn’t client side hit detection allow exploiters to abuse remotes/trigger hit detection on the client?

I have server-side checks to prevent this.

Honestly doesn’t look or feel right, was expecting a somewhat of a 3rd person camera if you get me. I believe there is much more to a gun system then you think :thinking:.

Why not reloading?
Why no animation support?
ADS (Aim Down Sights)?

The free fast cast example weapon has a little bit more functionality and its completely free.

I wouldn’t pay more then 2.5k and dont take that as something to feel bad about! Use this as a learning experience so you improve your future work!

Agreed totally. When I think 3rd person gun system I think a custom camera system.

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