Old Chat Bubble Theme for New Chat Bubble Rework

Old Chat Bubble Theme for New Chat Bubble Rework

I made a theme for the new chat bubble rework that looks like the old chat bubbles! I couldn’t make it perfect because of the customization limitations, but I did the best I could, and it turned out pretty nice.

Demo Video:


Get the free model and put the script in StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts or StarterGui.


The demo looks so good! I’ll definitely be using this for future projects.
Also, where am I supposed to put the script?



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Great settings!

The code has a lot of defaults that are already set, like their BackgroundColor3 is Color3.fromRGB(250,250,250) by default, so that wouldn’t be needed in the table; a revised format without defaults:

local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat")

local Settings = {
	BubbleDuration = 10,
	TextColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(1,1,1),
	TextSize = 22,
	Font = Enum.Font.SourceSans,
	Transparency = 0,
	CornerRadius = UDim.new(0,5),
	Padding = 6,
	MaxWidth = 300,
	VerticalStudsOffset = .5,
	BubblesSpacing = 9,

	ChatService.BubbleChatEnabled = true

This is exactly what I needed. I want to keep the feel of the old classic chat, with the same animation as the new one.


@s1muIate Which do you recommend the best placing the LocalScript in?

It really doesn’t matter, but I place it in StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts just because I feel like it doesn’t belong in StarterGui. Completely preference.

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Update! This theme now adornees the chat bubbles to the head, just like the old chat bubbles!
Grab the updated free model!

Updated demo video:

Hey, can you make it adornee to the head with the gradient UI bubble chat too? i’m getting trouble trying to get it to work!

edit: oop, got it to work, i just placed it in the wrong line! xD

I love it! It matches the old chat bubble style by 90%!