Old CoreGuis Appearing

So I just switched back from the gametest version of roblox studio to the production build, and when I went to test something out in a server, my character wouldn’t spawn, and I had the really old CoreGuis, including the health bar from before 2011. I recorded a video (I’ll post below), which shows exactly what I did: Open studio, start a server, and then start a player.

It seems that the problem is that my studio version is still using the gametest build, while my player version is on production. So what I think is happening is that when I open a place, studio automatically assumes its on the production build because the player build is.

Stuff like this usually happens (to me) when my internet speed drops below 1 Mbps


Might be some kind of HTTP error because the client needs to send HTTP requests to roblox’s servers to get the correct versions of the CoreGuis.

Nope, none of this is your issue. For some reason ROBLOX has left the old core gui there, then removes it and replaces it upon load. Do I understand why? No, it should have been gone when they replaced it.