(Old) Deserted Asylum Thoughts

Hello! I’m Goldengolom772, a new developer. I started this Asylum a while ago and wanted to fix it up a bit. I’m wondering what you all think of it and what could be improved. (Side note: The Asylum will be dark except for your flashlight and the red warning lights)


The 6th photo is the attic.




  • The use of textures and materials for realism :framed_picture:
  • Awesome lighting :bulb:
  • The scale (i.e. objects are appropriately sized with the player character) :straight_ruler:


  • More spookiness with darker shadows :woozy_face:
  • Just consider the performance impact of textures/materials and having a lot of objects (I know that my computer can’t handle a map with a lot of tiny details in it) :desktop_computer: :boom:

Other than that, great job! :+1:


Thanks! The brightness has been turned up just for the photos. In the game the only light is your flash light and the red, blinking warning lights.
And i’ll be sure to consider the part and texture count in my rebuild.

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Can you please provide a link to your game or a place file to check this out ourselves (so we can better understand the map and lighting)?

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Your deserted Asylum looks pretty good!
I do suggest adding some cracks in the walls, and maybe even some sprouts of vegetation as well. Older buildings that have been deserted for a while may start to fall apart, and may have some vegetation geowing inside such as: grass, and vines.
For more detail, you could have random documents scattered everywhere and books all over the place.
You could also add the following:
• Tipped over chairs
• A room full of medical supplies
• Leaking pipes and random puddles of water on the floor
And many more!
Anyways, you’ve done a fantastic job.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll try to add some leaky pips and have some plants and vines growing around them.

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This Deserted Asylum Build looks awesome!

Parts which I think really helped your build stick out was the lighting arrangements such as in the room with the crates, it creates that abandoned but mysterious room effect. The way the floor is textures is quite nice and adds that effect.

And I do agree with @vAshinaa 's idea of cracks in the walls, leaky pipes and vegetation aswell as the ideas of papers on the floor. But I’d also like to suggest that when placing abandoned objects like the wheelchairs make sure to not overdo the placement as sometimes it looks as though they’ve been placed everywhere instead of abandoned on the spot. Also in my opinion those squares on all the walls seem a bit weird it’d look better if there was a certain design to them like a wave or a heartbeat.

Also some additions to these suggestions I noticed an area where light comes through windows as beams, I just find it weird that the room isn’t illuminated at all not even slightly by this light it’d be nice if the room was at least easy to see when walking due to the windows being open.

Hope this helps, :grinning:

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This looks fantastic,Altho might wanna lessen those blocks on the walls tho

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The place has a really creepy feeling to it. If there was a murderer on the loose in the map i would probably have a heart attack


i’m assuming you lit it up for the screenshots, and the map is pitch black regularly besides the flashlight
it looks super sick i think especially the final image (really cool lighting)

would be cool to focus pretty hard on the lighting more in the hallways you showed,
the red lights above the doorways would look super good as ambient lighting for the hallways with the red tones, maybe making a few of them flicker?
just a suggestion

awesome stuff man! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I noticed this too. Thanks!

It was a failed project for a game where one player is the killer and others have to survive.

They actually do flicker, the photo just didn’t capture them. But, thanks for the other suggestions!