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Are you sure you worked for ‘Dead Silence’ and ‘Tower of Dread’? I have never seen you developed for them before. :thinking:

Yea, I have if you go onto my profile and click groups, You’ll see I’m roled admin in the group BUT if you go into the discord you’ll see me roled “Upcoming Developer” And in tower of dread which I don’t talk to the owner of them anymore if you go into announcements on tower of dread discord and scroll up to late September you’ll see a announcement pinging @Sip which is my discord and if you need proof lemme know you can see I made the Halloween models/builds at the top of the tower crediting me. Thanks for being curious just incase I was a liar! (Which I’m not haha)


Yes, hello. I work for Dead Silence and I’m his partner. I can verify the info, if you require proof of this feel free to DM me at “Kooderz#0001”. I’d be happy to show proof, have a nice day! :slight_smile:


What game is your game? (sorry that I don’t know :frowning: )

If you look in View ingame category you’ll see my showcases! Sorry if i didn’t make it noticeable.

Nono i was talking to “staysail” :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I don’t know about this Jimmy. lol

[Post Redacted, he got this solved]

In all seriousness, that was an uncool move that he did. Shameless. No class.

What a man of class and courtesy we have on our hands.

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Sorry for causing unnecessary drama. I’ll leave you alone.


Hey, everyone makes mistakes man

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He helped with the game it just made me mad he credited himself for all the work in tower of dread. Davidiscool built most of it and some other people and the post looks like he did it all. Please just fix this in your post…

I didn’t credit myself for all the work just said I’ve worked on it. But yeah, I’ll fix it and say I helped with the Halloween Event instead.

Sorry I should have addressed that. So sorry I’m dumb.

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Please dismiss my claim about the creator of this post being greedy. It was a honest misunderstanding and we were able to talk it out.

Same, We both were wrong at the end of the day, And we both decided to move on.