Old Roblox Scripts

Please check these out and give me feedback:

robloxapp-20221207-1924114.wmv (2.3 MB) (Itโ€™s not actually that laggy but my recording lags :frowning:)
If you want to try it out in studio: :smiley: :smiley:

Old Roblox - Creator Marketplace

Or play this testing game built around it:

(10) Classic Roblox Game - Roblox

Oh, oh no. Iโ€™m a fan of old roblox but this is not quite close. First, there is 2 chats which one doesnโ€™t even work! The working one is not even a old roblox chat. Second, the gui which looks like that 2008 model which everywhere from like 2016 or something. Third, the workspace does not the classic studs which there are free models of. Overall if I would rate it, it would be 4.7/10. If you want to create a 2008 game out of free models then use this: Client - Roblox but its a old project and is trash.

And yes, I did play the game.

This kinda was 28 days ago??? Thanks for the feedback though

Hi,i have an better kit for you, since its just on beta or whatever i named it on, old roblox kit - Roblox is the model, its pretty good AND it has smooth animation for the server, if is not smooth then its an bug caused, but it will be fixed if the player resets and it has uhh the old roblox gui and a better health gui and a fixed player list