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Something’s wrong, sorry I am fixing…

Fixed, sorry about that. :+1:

Squashed a bug.

Added kill and win counters.

The thing I liked is it is good gamese.

I really like it! Only thing is my face is a dead give away lol

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@TexanMom. The bug has been fixed. Thanks so much.
Please leave a like, favorite, and join group if you liked it. :)).
Yes, I am as greedy as hell.

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Hahaha, I totally get it. And done :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I played the game for a little bit with my friend, and we had some fun! The idea of shooting laser guns at each other without being able to see makes the game harder, and is a new flip on the normal roblox laser-tags. The gameplay was nice, and I had stellar FPS throughout the playtime. Overall, the game is pretty well done but it could use some slight changes, here are some changes/suggestions that I have;

  1. The first suggestion I have is the map maybe should have some small structures or something, to make it more lively than just a plain black square as a floor. I understand that you’re not suppose to see, but maybe just make some black-colored walls or something to hide behind to not get shot and hide you’re location when you flash.

  2. The second suggestion I have is maybe add a shop to the game. It doesn’t have to be a building or anything, it could just be a GUI icon on the side of the screen to purchase different laser guns or something.

  3. Lastly, maybe touch up the UI on the top of the screen a little bit. Right now it’s pretty good, but I believe that players would like it if it was more round or just more pleasant to look at
    (not that it’s not pleasant to look at right now, but it just doesn’t look amazing)

Anyways, that’s all! Thanks!

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Added 100 kills badge and wins.

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Fixed bugs, added working gamepasses, need testers.