On the topic of adding crates to my game

So, recently I’ve been working on adding trading to my game, but I’ve realized that it doesn’t make much sense if you can just buy skins from the shop. I have never been a huge fan of crate/spin mechanics in games but I wonder if it would be the only way to make this system work. I do not want to make my game unfair, or a cash sink. I need advice on this. Would the system fit well into my game? Will it be unfair? I really don’t want to be one of those devs that make an unfair game. I have always been against systems like this but I think it can offer some more content to the game.
(Also if this is in the wrong topic, sorry. This looked like the best topic)


You could do a daily shop rotation system like valorant, where each player gets a randomized set of skins they can purchase.

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