One of my first gfx

give feedback please


even though there older I still appreciate it

These look amazing, I wouldn’t change a thing.

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I appreciate it!

They look great! I really like the second one but they are all good.

They I both love but the first one is to blue its like a blanket on screen and the seconds one car lights are not neon or on,and tesla lights are the same color as the car otherwise its good!

I actually did edit the cars lights to be on but it ended up getting screwed up with the filter lol

thanks for the feedback though

The second one is the best! Looks very nice!

1st one is alright, but I really lke the second one. You’re at a very good start, I think you’ll do great with gfx!

For the first one make the character more visible, and tone down all the effects. Now for the second one change the shininess of the road. Other than that you did a good job, keep up the good work.

The shininess of the road kind of looks like rain, so I think it could go without being changed if you were to look at it with an “Oh, it must’ve rained sometime right before this picture was taken!” prospective.

I love it! tries to get jaw back from the ground. Jokes aside, this is amazing and wonderful and also perfect for a game thumbnail.

northwood pine one looks amazing just maybe lower the camera.
the starcom one looks like he’s frozen, and the posing on one of the arms looks very wrong. the images on him are low quality and it looks too reflective.

I’m aware that the shininess of the road was given to portray rain but still seems unnatural compared to wet roads in real life.

For the Northwood Pine GFX, everything looks pretty nice. However, for the STARCOM one, the character’s right arm position is a bit awkward and tight. In addition, it’s hard for me to clearly tell what’s going on due to how many effects there are. Other than that, this is nice!

The cars are driving on water XD. I like everything else though.

I love the second one. The first one I like, but I wouldn’t let the blue overpower the character. Other than that, I love it. Amazing job!

its cement
I just didnt add a bump and screwed up the roughness

What’s that you used it’s amazing going to take a guess and say its jockey?