One of my Low-Poly forest scenery (FEEDBACK)

Hi Guys and Gals,
This is one of my first builds that I have done.
Using blender to make the scenery of one of my personal best build I have ever done so far.

But I don’t want it to be my best forever, give me feedback and tell me what to improve on as i want to get better and better.


It has a very nice cartoony, low poly aesthetic to it and i love it however some more little details in there wont harm it. maybe a red and white picnic cloth over the table and chairs with some food and a picnic basket would be funky.
And maybe some groupings of grass tufts dotted about


thank you for that useful and helpful reply.


Honestly, it looks great just it lacks detail like it feels empty for example you could add grass-like features on the ground and perhaps fill it up more with more stuff and fewer trees. Also what @taylorsmate62 said

What plugins did you use? Also are you able to go inside the buildings?


This low poly forest looks good so far, however, it lacks a lot of detail since it’s suppose to look like a forest scenery overall I like the vision of your low poly forest it looks quite amazing and the mesh looks unique which blends in with the look of the build.

In my opinion the scenery is quite simple. The number of trees in the environment could be increased to make it more forest-like. More variation in the types of trees can help too! I would try adding green vegetation throughout the scenery here such as rocks, plants, mushrooms, grass, etc. You could try expanding the land so you could add bits of details here and there as well.

I would try making 2 different types of trees so it could look more like a forest, maybe some more outdoor equipment and some wooden cabin you could try adding that to your scene and possibly get some ideas from forest scenery just to give you some inspiration of from and then you could add different details that you want to add to your forest.

Overall, it’s coming together.


The forest scenery looks great and relaxing in my view. My only comment is that if you could, make the cabin have a lighter brown color with a dark green roof. It would look the cabin better in my view. Also the trees in your forest really fit the scenery, I appreciate the tree’s style model.

i like the low poly in this forest , especially the trees. you could add some more to a forest in my opinion to fill the open spaces, you should also make the map wider

I love it!

One thing you could try is to vary the colours of the tree slightly, like making the trees a dark green instead of a light green.

Thank you for the useful and helpful reply, sorry I didnt see this sooner as I have been off the forum for about two weeks or so.

Very nice, though it won’t hurt to add mushrooms.

Yes thank you for that I feel in my next build to put small details as that also brings the build to have better scenery in this instance.

I do agree very much as it would give more variety and make the forest look more interesting.

When you place small details, be sure to have perfect amount of them, because if you add to much, you can ruin the project as a whole.

I agree as it would tie in with the foresty vibe.

Thank you for reminding me I dont want it to look like one of my other builds😬

Very cool looking. There could be some more room for small details like maybe some grass. But thats up to you.

Yeah thank you for this as I have seen in other builds how small details make them alot better.