One of my print functions doesn't print, Global leaderboard

for _,v in pairs(page) do
	local coins = v.value 		

	local userId = v.key
	local Clone = Template:Clone()
	Clone.Visible = true
	Clone.Name = "Frame"
	Clone.Parent = SurfaceGui
	local ValueColumn = Clone.ValueColumn
	local name = Players:GetPlayerByUserId(tonumber(userId))
	print(tostring(name).." "..tostring(coins))
	Clone.NameColumn.Text = name.." ".."hi" -- The surface gui's textlabel doesn't update 
	print(Clone.NameColumn.Text) -- This doesn't print

This should be

Clone.NameColumn.Text = name.Name.." ".."hi" -- The surface gui's textlabel doesn't update

You’re trying to concatenate a player instance with a string

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