One of my values returning "is"?

Hey Folks, I’m working on a vehicle spawning system and I have a check that checks a StringValue named SelectedItem and it is set to nil. However, in one of the if statements checking if this value isn’t value, it passes through (meaning it’s not nil) and in the server-side of my RemoteFunction, it’s returning the value “is”. Any solutions?


		local check = false
		if selectedItem.Value ~= nil then
			check = intiatePurchase:InvokeServer(selectedItem.Value)
			warn('No Vehicle Selected!')

If statement checking if value is nil or not.

	local priceOfVehicle = shopAssets[vehicleName].VehicleSettings.CreditsRequired.Value
	if player.leaderstats.Credits.Value >= priceOfVehicle then
		player.leaderstats.Credits.Value = player.leaderstats.Credits.Value - priceOfVehicle
		print(vehicleName .. 'spawned!')
		return true
		return false

Remote Function

SelectedItem StringValue

StringValue set to nil

Error (In Output)

Thanks for checking! :cowboy_hat_face:


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Note: If a vehicle is selected, the rest of the code works. But if this error occurs and you select an item, it breaks the entire code.

I think the error is saying that:
" " is not valid member… So we are talking about an empty string here

So instead of checking

if selectedItem.Value ~= nil then

Check this:

if selectedItem.Value ~= "" then

Alright thanks, I’ve realized what you said. Let me test is rq

@nuttela_for1me Still returning the same error sadly.

Oops, you’re correct, forgot to add the .Value at the end, thanks!

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Also you do realise if this value, for whatever reason returns nil it will pass, so do:

if selectedItem.Value and selectedItem.Value ~= '' then end

Hmm yes I think the only type of value in StringValue is a string and not nil.

Yes, but it is an additional check, never hurts to be careful