Only let public games get top rated

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to get to top rated due to people abusing the system by either botting or encouraging their audience to like games that nobody else has access to. This results in a lot of free advertising for people that know how to abuse the system. There’s almost always a B-b Studio game on the front page because they figured out how to abuse the top rated system. As I make this post, there’s 2 group only B-b studio games in top rated.

This could easily be remedied by not allowing games that aren’t open to the public in top rated.


Then there’s a question as to the fate of paid access games. Not everyone has access to those, should they be barred from top rated as well?


No. Treat paid access games as public. I think we’re specifically referring to “private” games as games that only friends or group members can play.


That’s actually a really good question… I think Bloxburg deserves the #1 spot, but I also wish it wasn’t paid access. Given it doesn’t have to cheat its ratings I’d say leave them until people start to abuse that as well.

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These top rated “exploiting” game studios could pay enough Robux out to members to purchase access and thumbs it up.

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Once that happens it should be locked down, but since it hasn’t yet I think it should probably be left alone