Onwar Shutdown | Shutdown Gui/Screen [POLL]

Hello Everyone, I am Tysyaka. The Lead Builder/Deputy GUI Maker for Onwar,

I have recently made a ShutdownGui for when developers click a shutdown button (not visible in this photo) and will be needing feedback,

This is what the owner made: VOLUME WARNING!!!


And this is what I made:


Another One I made (new):

Who’s One Is Better??

  • Tysyaka (Me)
  • SpaceKitty (Owner)

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We are looking for feedback, improvement from my last one:


Had my volume on full blast, rip ears. Nice GUI tho!


It’s hard to give productive feedback when you don’t say what your goal is, but I feel like it looks a little menacing for a server shutdown screen - unless that’s what you’re going for?

I am looking if I should fix anything or anything to improve on, It’s actually better from my last one.

I will soon be making another one! I am going to make it better.

It feels like something from a horror or some type of dystopian fiction game. Imagine playing adopt me or some other children’s and you’re jump scared with loud TV static and an emergency alert lmao

But seriously the first one looks very well-made, almost feels like a real emergency broadcast.

Second one feels a bit empty. Feels kinda scary but the first one is just chef’s kiss


The game’s theme is zombies so I am making a better one, Onwar is about being a human and fighting with your friends against zombies or becoming a zombie and attacking the humans, killing zombies gives more points then infecting humans, Onwar will maybe be released on the 5th of December with many maps, weapons and more. You can play with your friends and family to!

This is amazing! I like the first one. It’s interesting. But it can make people scared.

Also, how’d you make the shutdown thing apear when the server shutdown. Can you send a link to any tutorials to do so?

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You can use remote events with the :BindToClose function, see Merely’s soft shutdown script:

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Oh well our developer @CrisLatex made a Admin Pannel where you can Kick, Ban, Warn and shutdown. And when a dev presses shutdown it will appear.

New One:

If anyone wishes to see my first ShutdownGui I’d really appreciate it, I have improved a lot. This is my 2nd and 3rd ShutdownGui, I hope you guys like it. Check out my first one here:
Shutdown Screen - Help and Feedback / Creations Feedback - DevForum | Roblox

The GUI is very bad I know, but you should know how much I have improved as a GUI Maker, I have been better at making things like this which makes me a better developer and support will be awesome!

I hope you guys check it out, It is awesome how far I have come! (I added a little zombie and loading thing also) for extra detail because the game is Zombies, so I had to. Thanks for the support.

Looking at the theme, I think the 1st shutdown gui (Owner’s) is better. (My ears just died though)


are you making a horror game or what, we need context

Here’s the theme of the game, hope this’ll help

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the owner’s shutdown is a lot more than what i’d expected, he literally turned a shutdown screen from this weird, thing that just warns you to a weird ARG-like video that gets a lot of depth, though a lot of effort went into it and i think that matters a lot.

i’d like it to have a zombie pop out when it’s done rebooting the servers, might scare some people but eh, it’ll look like a fine addition

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Thanks for the feedback!


We are making a Zombie-Theme game


Well he did a Video I did a GUI :confused:

Thanks for the support, yeah It killed my ears when he showed me it!

Yes, Zombies Theme is basically “Horror” and lol he misspelled it, it’s “Emergency” not “Emergancy”

Thanks for the support! The GUI’s are very hard to get perfect, so I decided to move some of the Properties, Workspace and toolbox to get the gui nearly perfect, but like always nothing can be “Perfect”

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The owner’s GUI looks better as it’s animated. But yours is great too somewhat. Maybe make it a corner GUI and smaller as for a pop up?

Well the people cannot keep playing due to the servers not being fixed and when the servers are fixed they get kicked.