Oops! My finger slipped! (Making a Roblox Health System)

robloxapp-20220205-1627562.wmv (3.7 MB)

In simple terms, I made a Roblox health system that features damage, HP, Bonus HP, and healing. In this case, Bonus HP is the first to get damaged, unless you have zero. Your counter frame turns red at 1 HP (of course, due to you being injured), and you also bounce up with a chest holding animation when touching a damage brick.

I scripted almost all of this, and the damage overlay I scripted myself, as well as the damage sounds.

The only thing I forgot here is that the “Bonus HP” text needs to appear when you have the golden counter, which would be displayed like this, and the text is straight unlike the tilted “HP” text.


This is what it would have looked like if I had remembered to put it in the video instead of forgetting to script it.

The current HP counter ( the one on the left of the slash ) bounces slightly when taking any form of damage.

Amazing but I believe its the wrong category :crying_cat_face: :sob:

Oh, I didn’t know where to find the right category. Can you report my post so we can move it to the correct one? I don’t know every single category sorry xDs

Swapped category. I forgot about the category selector; apologies.

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Oh lol, I like the Health system, Its sick! I’d Love to see the animation.

The animation is featured in the video. Are you talking about the animation link?

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Oh sorry, thought the file was an audio file lol