[OPEN 0/1] TakeThisTaco | UI Designer


Hello! I am TakeThisTacoUI (Formely CommandoX9) but go by TakeThisTaco. I am a UI Artist with nearly 2 years of design.

More Examples Soon!

Commissions Done - 60+

Website / Minimal UI

Standard UI (No Textures - Plain)

Advanced UI (Textures - Realistic)

(Better Layout Like Previous Ones Soon When Full UI Is Done)


Notable Projects/People
   60+ Commissions So Far

• Tapping Titans - Dev Work

• 0MRob - 20M+ Visits

:wink: Studio - 8M+ Visits

• Shrine’s Studios - 1M+ Visits

• Find The Button - 13M+ Visits

• Dogecoin Mining Tycoon - 15M+ Visits

• Prison Adventure - 7M+ Visits

• Triet_Dev - 3M+ Visits

• Decyl - 500k+ Clothing Sales + 150K+ Visits

• DevSimonn - 3M+ Visits

I take Shirt & Group Funds as payment
If you pay through shirt YOU are obligated to pay for taxes.
I won’t lower for anyone since that is not fair to other people commissioning me.

Standard Full Game UI - 15k+ :robux:
(Textures) Advanced Full Game UI - 25k+ :robux:

If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To DM Me. Please Keep The Comments Below Only Reviews Please.

Even If I Am Closed, If Your Offer Is Very Intriguing I Might Take It

DevForum - @TakeThisTacoUI
Discord - TakeThisTaco#8042
Twitter - https://twitter.com/TakeThisTaco



Even If I Am Closed, If Your Offer Is Very Intriguing I Might Take It

I have revamped my portfolio with new prices and new work - 2021
Hope yall like! :heart:


Added Haulaway Youtube Banner - 3/30/2021
Just Added Mavericks Youtube Thumbnail - 4/1/2021
Refreshed The Prices, A Bit Cheaper And Easier To Understand - 4/2/2021
Added MrBOGO_YT Thumbnail/Icon For The Game Flagz - 4/5/2021
Lowered Max Commissions To Waiting 3 And Showing What Each Person/Group Ordered Unless Commissioner Says Otherwise - 4/5/2021
Added LoveAndInspiration Profile Picture and Unlocked Studios New Thumbnail - 4/6/2021
Added LightHamer Profile Picture - 4/8/2021
Added XxkerrishxX Icon/Thumbnail/Logo - 4/12/2021
Added ThisSickness Icon - 4/14/2021
I Only Work At Night On School Days Now / Weekends Day/Night - 4/14/2021
Added Velocity PFP - 4/16/2021
Added Alex/Kerrish Thumbnails / Thumbnail Price Change 500 to 600 - 4/19/2021
Added Viv PFP - 4/22/2021
New Twitter Page Up! - 4/23/2021
I No Longer Do Logos, Thumbnails Are Back To 500 - 4/24/2021
I added CoveredTey Thumbnail GFX - 4/24/2021
Added HarveyValour PFP and SuperExperiencedguy Thumbnail - 5/3/2021
Added FarFlexed PFP and Banner - 5/4/2021
Added Rodion Icon / Added Itz_Visually Icon & Thumbnail 2/3 One More / I No Longer Do Edits In Photopea But Now Photoshop - 5/10/2021
Schools Over! Full Time GFX Til Further Notice / Also Added Itz_Visualy Thumbnail For Kingdom Brawlers / Prices As Well Got Updated - 5/17/2021
Added Clashing Legends Icon, Also Closed Til Further Notice Since Going On A Trip - 6/1/2021
I Am Still Closed, Due To Alot Of Comms. I Now Take 3D Models Comms! - 7/7/2021
Haven’t Been Inactive Just Busy With Long Term Jobs, I Am Also Learning Logo Design! - 7/14/2021
Still Doing Comms Just As I Take Them, I Added Some More Model And Other Stuff - 7/30/2021
School Is Back In & With The High Demand I’ve Been Getting, I Raised Prices - 8/6/2021
I Now Take UI Jobs & More UI Will Be Shown Soon - 8/9/2021
I Now Only Take UI Jobs & Uploaded Some More Examples - 9/14/2021
Added Some New Work & Now Open - 9/19/2021
Added Some New Work & Now Open - 9/23/2021

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I Reccomend taco, really nice guy and does the job pretty darn good.

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@CommandoX9 does great work! 10/10!

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He did a really nice job on my logo.
I like his creativity with the logo since I didn’t give him much info, yet he still made it look nice. Great work!

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He is amazing I really recommend him he is so polite and gets the job done in a maximum of two days

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Really recommend Taco, fast to reply and a brilliant artist. Made a great piece for me :slight_smile:


A good worker who is quick to respond and always listens to advice. Would recommend! :slight_smile:

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really recommend taco, gets the job done well and is completely trustable :+1:
Also has really negotiable with prices.

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All the models are very high quality, and useful in every circumstance in which they were requested. Well-made and will be sure to hire again!

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I have Dm’ed you, so this can be resolved. Take pride in all my customer’s reviews and experiences

(Problem Resolved)

Really fast and quick to respond! I’m definitely hiring taco again.

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Amazing UI designer, created a full UI for one of my games. It was a very fast delivery with him keeping me updated and creating exactly what was needed, I fully recommend!

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Incredible work! Definitely worth the prices!

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Just finished a commission with him, fair price and high quality work. Definitely will be coming back.

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I recommend Taco, he did a very good job.

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