[OPEN] $100-200 USD+ | Builder needed for Stewed

What is Stewed?

Greetings. Firstly, we’d like you to know more about the job. Stewed is a cafe on ROBLOX that strives to achieve a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our goal is to serve a vast variety of flavored coffees and snacks that will make you a returning customer for life. Our highly sophisticated and well trained staff will surely make your experience at our cafe one to remember.

What’s the job?

Stewed needs a Builder to create a build for our Version Two. Your building skills must be very advanced. You must be able to create cafes or other types of builds similar to that. More details will be discussed in DMs if you’re chosen.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements must be taken seriously. If you find that you violate our requirements, you will be denied. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be 13+ years old
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be active on Discord
  • Be advanced in building

What’s the payment?

The payment would be done through USD. The payment can be discussed in DMs if I believe you’re fit for the job.

USD: 100-200 USD+

How do I apply?

You can apply for this position to be a builder via my Discord DMs. My discord tag is: dyfined#0001

What are Stewed’s links?

Before applying, you must make sure to fit all of the requirements. Please also link your Portfolio below. Thank you very much!

President of Stewed


I want to be a part of it Im good at bulding DevRoblox#1617

Hey im a builder contact me at discord
User id#1086

Accept my request please, Citez#8767

I don’t have a large portfolio but I have experience. https://jellojoshie.portfoliobox.net/
Add me if you are interested: Jellojoshie#3883


sent a friend request on discord!

I am an experienced Builder/GFX Designer/Animator/Basic Scripter/Graphic Designer with 6 years of experience. I have provided a small amount of examples of my past work below. Please contact me at (Unique#2978) if interested


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I’m very interested in this position.

Portfolio link: [CLOSED] j_veu | Intermediate - Experienced Builder, Game Designer and Translator
Please note that I have more screenshots to show you via discord DMs.
My discord: kirb.is.awesome#6974.

Looking forward to talking with you.
Stay safe,
j_veu | John

Hey, I am interested in creating a cafe for you… Check my portfolio via the link! Veteran builder, modeler

I am interested. I have around 2 years of experience building roleplay based games that are similar to cafes like bakeries, restaurants, etc. This is my portfolio, [OPEN] [LOWERED PRICES] Low Poly Builder, however, there are currently no examples of my cafe builds because I rarely do them anymore but I can showcase if you can add me back on Discord @xM_ani#6701

Portfolio: {Open}EnviedBuilding's Portfolio
Discord: Kade#4617

You arent accepting discord requests. h.#5375

Interested in the position, but you’re not accepting friend requests on Discord right now. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio. [Builder Portfolio] crafter585 | Builder for Hire

Hello! I’m a heavy advanced studio builder, as well with 3D modeling. I can show you a portfolio that you will absolutely love, add me first. debruben#6782

Hey, interested.

This position is still open! Please comment below with a link to your portfolio so I can check out your work! Thanks!

Add me back SamRBX#7330, i have a lot of past experience, hope i fitt in

Sadly, I am not interested. Thanks so much for your interest though!

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Hi, could you possibly put some of your work in a reply? I prefer to see your work, then add people.

dude what its this,its amazing woo never see some one that good add me on robllox , i could pay you over 10k robux