[OPEN 100-250 USD] Realistic UI Designer Required!

About Us

Hey, I’m Irrelius. I’m currently working on a personal roleplay community project and I’m looking for an experienced UI designer to make UI frames for us. If you are extremely talented, we are always open to paying you more than specified in this post. Please do not apply if you are not used to making high-quality realistic UI akin to the style and details below:


Produced for me by Choochuf

Ryze: Son of Rome

About The Job

We are looking for a skilled UI designer who can make realistic UI for us. This would be over a long period of time, so it’d be perfect for someone who does other commissions as they would be able to take breaks from working on our UI. We will need UI to be made as the game progresses. If you wish to get a large payment and do large amounts of progress this is also possible for us.

Most of the UI is sleek and clean, with granite/marble textures with gold borders. We would also need shadow effects and indentations in the UI, to make some components of it 3D.

Ideally we would prefer to pay per frame.


We are paying in USD per asset, percentage options are also available if you would prefer to work alongside us for a long duration of time. Furthermore, we will probably commission you again after release.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the DevForum with a link to your portfolio or previous work, we will move on from there.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


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