[OPEN] [100K R$ + 30%] Hiring a Programmer For NPC Fighting Game

Hi, I’m ZackLaFlame, Co-Owner of 307K+ group, Koala Cafe! My team, ran by my partner LoganWallace25 and I, are looking for a programmer for a NPC tower fighting game (NOT LIKE TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR)! We are prepared to offer 100K Robux with a 30% stake in the game.

We look forward to working with someone that can bring our vision to life. The programmer will be shown our already-made roadmap to give a clear understand of what needs to be completed.
Some aspects of the game that will need to be created include: NPC on NPC combat, basic pathfinding, upgrading system, crate system. After the game’s initial release, updates will need to be produced weekly to maintain relevance. The complexity of this project should only take ~4 weeks to be completed and polished.

Many aspects of the game are already completed!

  • Roadmap is completed
  • Maps are completed
  • All critical assets are ready for use
  • All characters have been made
  • 60% of the characters have already been animated (and should be done very soon)
  • Critical aspects of the UI are ready for use

We are looking for an experienced programmer who meets the following criteria;

  • Dependable
  • Great communication, mature (This is key)
  • Motivated and driven, hungry for success
  • Able to meet deadlines, and provide solid work
  • Able to work with UI well (The UI will be made for you, you just need to implement it)
  • Script with security in mind
  • Very fluent and comfortable with Lua (Please have something to prove this such as previous projects and not just GIFs)

Please keep in the mind that NPC on NPC combat was mentioned earlier; the whole game revolves around this so you should be confident in your ability to make it.

For any further clarification regarding the game, I would be glad to answer your questions on Discord!
If you meet the requirements above, please message me on Discord at Zack#2329 (I am in the PST timezone)

Please do not leave any comments other than general inquiries, thanks!

I sent you a request on discord :+1:

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