[OPEN] [100K Robux + %] Hiring a programmer for RoStreams

Untitled-1Hey fellow devs! Ventrix is currently looking for a primary programmer for RoStreams - further detailed information can be found below -


Ventrix is an upcoming game development Studio. We’re currently looking for a primary programmer for a major project of ours, RoStreams.

About The Team:
@ofyderpman - Project founder/lead
@danny574 - Builder
@??? - Programmer

RoStreams Game Link:

IIf you are interested in checking out the game - please private message me on Discord or on the DevForums, I'll gladly open it free of charge if so. It's currently in paid access, as the community begged to make it purchasable.


Ventrix Group Link:

Link to Ventrix



The entire main map is built and about 40% of it is programmed, the remaining amount of the map is ready to be programmed right away. Stressing someone most definitely isn’t my way to get things done, so instead the expectation is that you are to work at daily so we can stay on track for that.

In terms of payment: Programmer is to be paid a total of 100k Robux by the time all the tasks are completed. A portion of the payment (number is to be discussed privately) is paid up-front after the programmer is hired and signs the contract - The remaining is paid as the programmer progresses finishing the work provided in the Trello, the remaining amount is to be given once the programmer has completed the game.


RoStreams, a realistic streamers life type of game. When a player joins the game, they are brought into the main map where everything takes place (everything such as: purchasing houses/apartments, upgrading your setup, buying groceries, cars, furniture, etc).


Twitter - https://twitter.com/OfyFTW
Discord - OfyFTW#1526

Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:


Interested, messaged on disc !


Your username on discord isn’t working… can you check it?

Should be working, try again perhaps?

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Didn’t work, try sending a request you. My discord is B0neBreak#7011

Could you please provide more information on what scripts you have in mind ?

Says the user doesn’t exist… are you sure you wrote that right?

All the way from furniture placement, and car customization to the streaming aspect… can’t reveal much about the project until I’m certain about the programmer - sorry.

No sorry, already corrected! Try now

Sorry totally forgot. The Discord is OfyDevv#1526

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What type of programmer are you looking for? Like a highly or moderate experienced one, or what? I’m potentially interested.

Hey there,

A high/moderate experienced one is primarily the goal. This is a fairly huge project, and it seems quite unreasonable to bring a new programmer into it - this is nothing like your typical simulator whatsoever.

Thanks for your question though!

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