OPEN [$1200 + 20%] Programmer for Simulator Game

FP1 Productions is an up and coming game studio behind several WIP titles which we hope to reveal to the community in the coming months. To that end, we are interested in hiring a talented programmer to colaborate with our growing team, in helping bring our current project “Sorcery Simulator” to life. We are looking for someone who is interested in sticking with the team for future projects, including the planned updates to Sorcery Simulator.

As owner and builder of the team, you can view my works and experience here:

Sorcery Simulator is a game where players choose from one of four starting classes. As players level up, unlocking armors, weapons, pets, and new spells along the way, classes can be combined to craft and unlock unique class types. Currently there are 10 total classes planned for the launch of the game.

200k+ robux is set aside for the game’s launch. It is planned to eventually expand and transform the game into a full-fledged RPG, though that is beyond the scope of this job.

Your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Script the main functions of the game. Players level up and gain money by using the common “click and sell” simulator format. More details on this will be provided.

  • A system for leveling up, player stats, and health which can be influenced by in-game items and purchasable products.

  • Spells (Ranged and AoE). Script existing spells and assist in creating new ones utilizing our library of textures, particles, and sound effects.

  • A “raid” event where an AI boss and minions attack through the playable area once every hour.

  • Equipable weapons, armors, and pets, which can affect player stats. Models and animations will be provided.

  • Script all user Interface. Examples of function and layout will be provided. These include:

    1. Class selection
    2. Inventory & Stats
    3. Player alliance
    4. Shop
    5. Rebirth
    6. Player screen UI (Healthbar, level, experience, etc)
    7. Settings

-Strong experience and passion for your work.

-A creative mind willing to pitch your own ideas to help improve and expand the project.

-Confidence in your ability to script items, interface, systems, and more.

-Confidence in your ability to work with textures, particles, and beams.

Extra (good to have) Traits:
-Familiarity in a second or third skill, namely building, modeling, animating, and so on.

-Experience working on a team or prior successful project.

A hacknplan with details of each task will be provided. As stated in the title, payment is $1200 USD and a 10% share of earned revenue.

Late February/Early March is the desired date for a state of release for QA testing.

If you are interested in applying, please contact me on the Devforum with a
portfolio and brief overview of why you want the position, as well as your age. Thanks.



Looks promising, really wished I was skilled enough to take the position. I hope all goes well and the game becomes a hit!

This is how all recruitment posts should be. It is well put together, it has a great project description, and it explicitly lists all requirements as well as work needed to be done. This is a great opportunity!


Seems a pretty interesting job and a pretty capable team to work with! If I were a programmer I’d take the job

I am very interested, let me know if you would like for me to work on this,

Would i have to be in london to apply for the job?

Interested, im a real experienced developer.
I don’t have a portfolio because im not a fan of comissions, and the most of the people that hire me know my work, but i have a lot of past works i can show you .
Im a brazilian, but i can handle the communication with the team
Im very confident on my skills

If you interested hit me up

Extremely interested, sent a DM.

This is a great opportunity, FP1 is an amazing person to work with.

Good luck to everyone who applies! :slight_smile: