[Open] [15.000R$/Car] Car Modelling

Motorized Games is a small development team that aims to make a big open-world project where you can interact with many things on the map. You will be able to buy flats, tune your cars, buy weapons and rob shops or fight against crime. We are a team of 5 people and we are looking for another talented person who can make cars in Blender.

Car Details

All cars should have a simple black interior without details, they need panel gaps and about 20k triangles. The headlight and tail lights should be 3D and the rims just a decal.
The cars need modifications, like spoilers, different bumpers and headlights, so it can be modified in-game. We will add extra 500R$ per modification.


The payment may vary depending on how nicely the car is done, the base is 15.000R$ per car. If the car is nicely done, we will add on top of that.


Send me a friend request on Discord if you are interested: Bertox#4115

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