[OPEN] {15k+] Orbit stuios is hiring a professional builder!

About Us

We are Orbit Studios, a development studio founded in 2019 with over 3 million visits and 11k+ members. We are currently starting our next project , which will be a high poly, horror-themed game.

The Team
@12904 - Owner, Lead scripter, UI design, Animator
@lSteveRogersl - Owner, Lead builder and modeler

About The Job

We are needing a school map that is around 500x500 studs. The story behind it will be that the doors got locked for some reason and everyone is inside with a monster. As you could imagine, the school would not be in perfect shape, such as desks not aligned, lockers open, papers all over the place, etc. I am willing to give the builder freedom on the details and layout of the school, but only the interior is needed. The hallways will need to be high since the monster will stand 8-10 studs tall and it will need to fit through all of the doors. The build style will need to be realistic.


We ask that the builder will have a minimum of 2 years of building and at least 1 past experience building in a professional environment. Any applicants must have at least 3 examples, 2 of which must be of larger projects such as maps.

If hired, we do require daily updates on progress, our deadline is 3 weeks from the date of being hired, but the sooner it is finished, the better. If this job goes well for you, we will definitely have more work for you in the future if you’re interested.


We are willing to pay 15k for this map, we are also willing to go higher if your experience or final product exceeds our expectations.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the Developer Forum or on Discord at 12904#1757


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