[OPEN] 17frames Programming Portfolio

About Me


I am Finn a Lua programmer and JavaScript programmer. I will be showcasing my Lua skills.

I have been developing on Roblox since 2016, at my time at Roblox I have being always dedicated towards making games, and making Roblox a better place. Not only am I trustworthy, but I am great at communication. Furthermore, I am a former Moderator for Hidden Developers. Which is a large Discord server with over 50,000 members.



Current Groups

  • Current Chief Developer for CAF | Columbian Armed Forces (20K+ members)
  • Current Chief Developer for CAF | Canadian Armed Forces (20K)
  • Current Developer for Filipino army (400k+)
  • Current Developer for B.A.M Studios (game development) (100k+ members)

(Contributor to Iron Cafe and Oil Warfare Tycoon)

- Ex Developer for Sharkuses British Army (1M+ members)

  • Ex Iron Cafe Chief Developer (250k members)
  • Ex Developer for Nix Cafe (70k members)
  • Ex Solera Hotels (Developer) Programmer (480k+)
  • Ex Developer for ReaperAarons British Army (500k+)
  • Ex Head Developer for Filipino army (400k+)
  • Ex Developer for USAR (300K members)
  • Ex Head Developer for Ezok’s British Army (100K members)

Other/Smaller Groups

  • Ex Developer for Custοms and Border Protection (4k members)
  • Ex Head Developer for Robine Air (55k members)
  • Ex head developer for Chicken Express (55k Members)
  • Ex Developer for Hygiene (17k)

Developer for even smaller groups (Not worth mentioning)


Here are some screenshots of my work


Camera Manipulation
Death Screen + Turret

Proximity Prompt Uniform Changer (Welding)
AFK System

More advanced
Promotion Panel System

Missile System
[NEW!] Missile Update - YouTube

Webhook Admin Logs

(Can do custom admins etc. 80k+)

I have programmed a custom admin for:

  • Solera Hotels
  • Iron Cafe

Youtube Examples

Auto Training System


I do have more examples if you require more + This is not all my work, as I do advanced comissions, which I do not have saved.

More Advanced Showcase

→ Automated Ranking
→ Logs to Discord
→ /add and /remove commands for XP
→ Animated Progress bar


→ Shows regiments below
→ If you are in more than 2 regiments it says [REG-REG- +2]
→ Colour of tags depend on team color
→ Removes “[ and ]” in the actual rank name
NOTE: Not advanced, but quite useful.


A lot more, if you are still unsure if you want to hire me; let me know there is a lot more to show; which I definitely cannot fit into ONE portfolio.


I am available 12/7


I do payment p/asset but prefer a % (USD and Robux)


Contact me via discord: Frames#0130

(If I do not accept, it means I am not doing any commissions at the time)

Thanks for reading! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When will you open? I’m kinda interested

Not yet mate, what exactly are you looking for?

If you teach scripting then I would like to be tought