[OPEN] 2-4k ROBUX or PAYPAL | Hiring scripter experienced with NPC movements

The Job

I am looking for an experienced scripter who I can work with for a small part of my game. I am making a soccer game and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a goalkeeper, so I am going to need help from a scripter that is very experienced and can help me with this. There is a game that already has exactly what I need so I have perfect visual evidence of what I need done.


I will be paying at least 2k robux however this can change based on how well and how quickly it is completed or if you believe it is a much bigger job. I can also pay through Paypal.

Contact Us

If you are a beginner scripter or have never done something like this please don’t waste both our times I have dealt with too many beginners that simply do not know what they are doing. The best way to contact me is through discord @Turkishfinesse#3130. If you want you can message me on here, but I will probably respond quicker on discord.

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