[OPEN] [$20-100 USD CONTRACT BASED] Snake Productions* Hiring 2D Particle Designer/Particle Emitter Specialist


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Hey there developers! Snake Productions* is looking for a 2D Particle Designer/Particle Emitter Specialist that can create anime-esque effects and particles.

We value quality over quantity and are determined to create a well rounded product, by accepting this job you acknowledge your willingness to do the same.


What’s the payment and how will it be given?

$20-100 USD Contract Based. The payment will be distributed via Paypal. Robux rates are also optional and can be discussed. After the said work has been completed and shown, payment will be sent to you in which afterwards you can send your product.

How much do I have to do and of what variety?

You will be creating anime styled effects which includes but is not limited to:

Charging/Releasing of energy or skill
Sword slashing and clashing
Melee combat and clashing
Cosmetic effects

Further information will be given once hired or in private.

There is no set amount on how many effects are needed, this job is contract based so you we will agree on a set amount which will be completed before a contract extension for more.

How will I receive what to do?

Full detailed explanations and examples will be given before the start of each task. Throughout the tasking period, members of the development team will be available for further assistance on how the effect should look.


  • Have had experience with creating 2D particles
  • Have had experience with Roblox Studio
  • Able to efficiently work on a task and finish in a timely manner
  • Committed to creating a well rounded and product


  • Have had experience with the Roblox Particle System with the capability of manually creating the effect on your own
  • Roblox Lua Particle Scripting knowledge
  • Implementation of the effect into preexisting scripts or creating your own to accomplish a task

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Twitter, Discord, or Gmail.

Discord or Message me directly on discord: 123.87 Shadowed Snake#9194



Thanks for Reading!


I’m interested but am in class. Reach out to me at REDACTED


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