[open 24/7] looking for clothing designers

Hello, “Next Saturday” is a unique, streetwear clothing group with a little over 100 members. We consistently launch ads and release clothing. Here is the group: (NEXT SATURDAY - Roblox).

I’m looking for designers who can create boy or girl clothing and can meet the “unique” and “streetwear” type of aspect. These are some groups that have what I’m looking for in clothing:
-11:45 - Roblox
-FxTroop - Roblox
-Vintage Marketplace - Roblox
-$EVENTEEN - Roblox

Detail and creativity are keys when designing clothes like this!
Must be in the group.
Must be in the Discord server.
Must cooperate easily.
You don’t need to have Roblox premium.

I’m looking to pay 100-200 Robux per piece depending on how good it is and if it fits the aesthetic.

My contact information:
Discord - popeyes°#6925
Contact me through there! I usually accept it very fast. For those who are contacting me, I look forward to working with you and seeing what you may have to offer.


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